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Please note I am not a medical doctor of any sort, but a mom who has experienced a personal change in my son. I cannot guarantee the same for you.

I started this long taxing journey of changing our diet to Gluten-Free when I noticed our eldest son was having full body conflicts when consuming it. We were already used to trial and error with him as well as elimination diets when “honeymoon” periods were over with a new food. The “breaking point” was March 2009 when we got home from my parents and he had lost approx. 7lbs and was STILL vomiting and constipated. After getting a negative on the Celiac test and the doctor telling me that Daniel might just have to take mineral oil for the rest of his life; you have got to be kidding me; I started doing my own research and decided to try cutting out Gluten no matter the test results; the result was my “normal” son was back. We later discover that he does have a Neurological Disorder, but that is another day. For now with the Gluten cut out along with other things put onto the no-no list his aggression is way down, his pain tolerance was down (good thing for Daniel), we get him to regulate, tummy issues are under control, and eczema is almost all gone.

I’ve been asked by several people or come in contact with people that are interested in the Gluten-Free lifestyle. I like the term lifestyle more than diet; as it is a LIFE-style change. You don’t only benefit from the weight-loss, but you might also experience a mental, spiritual, skin, and digestive change for the better; why wouldn’t someone want to experience that!

Note: To achieve the max in weight-loss remember that you will need to exercise and maintain a balanced diet. You also need to check with your doctor.
Stay on the perimeter of your grocery store and it will be easier to achieve this. Or buy local through farmer’s markets, dairies, and ranchers. To cut on price join a co-op or split a ½ cow (I recommend grass-fed) with another family.

Below I’ve decided to give you a helping hand in the road to Gluten-Free. Why do trial and error when someone has already done it?

Bread-Cakes-Pancake: Kinnikinnick Foods

Puffins Honey Rice
The boys’ normal breakfast is eggs and bacon, pancakes, or oatmeal with some fruit and juice to drink.

Mrs. Leeper's-“Hamburger Helper”
Ancient Harvest-Quinoa

Glutino Brand
Pamela's Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies
I personally don't like her baking mixes.

love her Mac/Cheese Bake
Make sure you use Sharp Cheddar!

Living Without


I have found an AMAZING all purpose flour that truly doesn't taste GF:
Jules Gluten Free I give this a 5 star!!!!
you can buy a sample for $5 and she sends a recipe with it! She also has a Graham Cracker mix that I will be trying out soon.

Some Gluten questions that I’ve been asked by someone who has Fibromyalgia:

1. Do they make a gluten free all purpose flour? Does it work well with baking?
YES, and I LOVE it. Jules Gluten Free She also sales samples for $5 and sends a recipe.

2. Between Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Central Market; which store has the best selection and best prices?
Sprout’s has the best prices for sure! Most Kroger’s are starting to carry more gluten free stuff (found near the produce section); although they normally carry Bob’s Mill; and I haven’t been too impressed with them.
New discovery added later:
There is also another store: The Sunflower Shoppe they actually have it devided into its own section which is really nice when you need something quick. I also like that they carry Maraschino Cherries without dye (Tillen Farms). You actually taste the cherry and not syrup, very nice and the sugar is 2 grams!

3. I hate that it costs so much more than regular food.
It does cost more to buy the gluten-free stuff, but what I have been finding out is I am now more prone to grab a piece of fruit with peanut butter, instead of a cookie (when at home). Also our dinners are a lot healthier. We now do bread/cookies as a true treat instead of a staple. So in the end the cost evens out.

Also once you find a brand that you love; you can go onto Amazon and buy in bulk or go directly to the brand site and see if they offer discounts.

Or start making things from scratch and you will save on cost there as well.

4. I wasn't too crazy about the pasta- nothing is as good as the real thing.
I REALLY love Quinoa Pasta; I can’t taste the difference; they also have flour that you can use.

5. I have read there is conflicting thought on MSG being gluten free. Do you go for it or avoid it?
We avoid it. Reading Medical material on the Neurological and inflammatory effects(high in sodium) that it has on the body is proof enough for me.

6. When ya'll first started eating this way, did it take a long time to adjust?
Snack wise it did. But the outcomes/reactions out-weighed the cost/convenience of the other. Like I said before, we now eat a lot healthier.

7. On a few occasions after eating what I thought was fine at restaurants my stomach started cramping really bad. It lasted for a few hours then went away. I don't know whether to attribute it to a stomach virus that has been going around, or if I had gotten a hold of something with gluten without knowing it.
Remember that even though the chef in the back has been told there is a food allergy that sometimes it either gets forgotten or oops’ed. Also a lot of restaurants are putting a disclaimer at the bottom of their menus stating this very fact.

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