Monday, February 22, 2010

Healing and Baking

February has been a growing month for me. I have been going to counseling to get true healing from anxiety issues and depression. I can’t speak into words what the feeling of true healing is. For me it as if I’m light as a feather; starting from the depths of my being to my outer skin. I still have some other things to work through and get healing, but one of the major ones are gone; only through Christ.
Just some examples of how I know I’m healed;
I have no anxiety over being with the boys. Oh how I have been longing to have that love relationship with them, and didn’t understand why I didn’t. Oh I loved them, but not the way I saw other mothers with their kids.

I have no bitterness towards my brother, NONE! I love him with ALL my heart and pray for healing for him and for the relationship with Christ to be restored. I don’t expect anything from him; and oh how much time I have wasted in mulling over other things.

My next BIG spiritual demon that has a hold is fear. Fear of acceptance, fear of approval, fear of disappointment (trust); all aspects of it.
What I caution myself everyday is that I don’t turn THIS into a check list, but TRULY get healing so that I can help prepare my family for the task that God has set for us. Glory be HIS name in all that we do.

For a bit now I have not been satisfied in just working my day job and coming home. I didn’t feel like I had an energy/creative outlet. I had been running through my mind that I wanted something that would benefit others, but was fun. Here enters baking, but not just regular baking but Gluten free/Celiac safe baking that tasted like the normal stuff. Wow, I didn’t know how much this would consume me! At the first part of January I meet with my friend Liz, who owns Drizzle Drops; a cake truffle business that offers these yummy delights at a reasonable price. I broached her with an idea; more of a referral program. I would create Gluten-Free based cake truffles at a reasonable price (taking in consideration price difference). She would refer people to me that had food allergies/intolerances and I would refer her to people that didn’t.

So I am in the process of launching my Gluten Free Bakery business in Mid-March early April. I do have a name, but am waiting on clearance and such to launch everything at once. Right now my focus is on cake truffles of all sorts; flour cake, cheese cake, bundt cake....but with the option to expand to other yummy treats. I have about 5 cake flavors that are ready to go (nothing goes on the menu until I get the taste to almost perfection) and am in the process of adding seasonal and other base flavors. Not only will these be Gluten Free, but they also will not contain artificial coloring. Please check back often as I will post cakes that I have tried and helpful sites for those who just want another yummy recipe to try out.